Frequently asked questions

Why should I invest specifically in gold?

Of course, there are many commodities and opportunities for investments. However, gold has retained its value for thousands of years, even in uncertain times of war or social and economic crises. You will have read many and many factors about inflation protection or protection in case of a currency reform. This information, albeit true to a certain point, is starting to bore us. What still remains, though, considering the increasing tension in Europe and in the world, is that gold is more than a good investment with a sure liquidity whenever and wherever.


Is it propitious to decide based on the price?

It is recommended that you primarily decide according to risk-eliminating factors. The lowest price on the market does not always have to mean the best offer in the light of the uncertain origin of the gold or the strategy of the company. As with other investments, the following rule applies: the higher the proffered return, the higher the risk. If a company offers you a yearly return of 20 %, it is advisable to ask whether it is even possible to reach such returns and at the same time generate profit for the company.


Can I invest in different programs of yours at the same time?

Yes, and we do not intend to impose any limitations on that.


How can I recognize a solid business?

First of all, it is very important that somebody logically explains the functionality of the given product. Whether it is or isn’t economically self-supporting. There are many businesses that do not amaze by expected returns, but they transparently present the interest rate to the client, for example in the program of saving into gold (gradual purchase). It is recommended that the client stays with such companies. It is also highly recommended that the client take a look at the ownership structure and when the business was founded.


Can the final price of the ingot in the case of saving into gold (gradual purchase) change in any way?

With us, the price of the ingot can not change in any case; even considering that we buy the ingot immediately after signing the contract (in this program and others) – the price that you pay is stable with an interest rate of 7 – 8 %. The ingot is deposited in a bank for the whole time and there is a regular status check done by a notary. The client is told the identification number of the ingot in a matter of several days following the signing of the contract.


Is it possible to buy also the so-called adulterated gold on the market?

Yes, there have been many cases of gold ingots adulterated mostly by wolfram. Therefore, it is recommended not to decide only based on a noticeably good price, but to also have security and certainty for a reasonable price. We buy ingots solely from Argor Heraeus, which is probably the most accredited brand where quality and certainty are concerned. Every ingot has its own transparent identification number. It is better to regard the gold as insurance, as a certainty, considering the fluctuation of the price of gold on the market. It is not best to focus solely on the lowest price in the range from 0.5 % to 1 % and so undertake unnecessary risks. Gold can go up or down by 2 % the next day.


Why should gold go up in the upcoming months or years?

In times of crises and uncertainty, gold has always gone up. We could say that the more afraid people are, the higher the price of gold is. Recently, Europe has been battling many crisis factors: the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, Russian contra-sanctions, immigration problems, the increasing nervousness on capital markets regarding the fate of Greece, and so on. Also, central banks have been feeding the economy with a huge amount of cheap money, which has had and will have strong anti-inflationary effects. All of this supports the idea that the value of gold will increase.


How are the proceeds from gold taxed?

The return from investment gold is not subject to tax with individuals, if the gold is held longer than 12 months. Investment gold is also exempt from VAT, according to the Act no. 235/2004 Coll., §92.