About us

Step Guarantee Group was founded more than 11 years ago by the current owner Petr Štěpánek, whose portfolio includes companies such as ŠtěpánekAuto, Smoklin, Creditmall, and so on.

From the beginning, the primary focus of this business were investments, either within the financial group, or outside of it. Secondly, the company has run e.g. an advertising agency or the PetHelp veterinary clinics.

Currently, the company is focusing solely on its investment programs and investments generally, namely within the Step Guarantee Group s. r. o. concern.

We are the only firm on the market that does not work with virtual reality, but only with physical investment gold, which we buy for our clients immediately after the contract is signed, even in the program of gradual saving for a final ingot.

Yes, like other companies, we predict the growth of the price of gold in time, however, we are the only company that is truly able to rely on time – this owing to our buying gold immediately in real time.

We have a transparent business plan and we are not afraid to present it to our clients.