Saving into gold

If you do not have a larger amount of ready money, but you can release a certain amount from your income every month which you thereafter deposit into a bank, for example, as a financial reserve, then the program Saving into gold is the right thing for you.

Money that you deposit in a bank, can, paradoxically, lose value, if we account for inflation and low interest rates.

If you invest it with us in a gradual purchase of the target gold ingot, you do not have to fear inflation. Considering the growth of the price of gold predicted by a number of economic elites, you can only make money.

There are many businesses on the market that offer similar programs to “saving into gold”. We are the only business on the market that will buy the target ingot directly after signing the agreement, deposit it in the bank and regularly check the status with a notary.

Because we buy the gold immediately and in real time, we can really rely on time.

At the end of the savings program, the client chooses what they would like to do with the saved up ingot

a)      they can pick up the physical ingots

b)     they can sell the ingot to our company

c)      they can reinvest the ingot into another program.

It is more than sensible to have your savings safely deposited. Save up for your children and grandchildren.

Save with us

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